Bestspokaneart – dressing For success

Dressing For Success as explained on the shark tank is an ideal way to get you going in the proper direction!


An idealist would say that your looks do not matter in most situations but reality tells us otherwise. It might matter very little to some, but the fact is IT DOES.

In a job interview, for example. If you are applying for a job that you want so very much, wouldn’t you dress up for it even though you know that the rest of the interviewees would do the exact same thing. Wouldn’t you accessorize if you feel that it will give you the edge and stand out?


Why else would most companies and businesses have dress codes in their offices? Even schools have uniforms but before, I remember wearing different pins everyday just so I would look different from everyone wearing the same uniform. Wouldn’t you do the same if it will make heads turn your direction?

Dressing for the occasion has become a part of everyday life because it provides a positive aura not only for the person who is doing it but also for the benefit of the place or occasion he or she is attending.

Dressing up is a way of creating an image for yourself. Whether or not you care for what others see when they look at you, it will affect them and your social and physical environment. It’s an art, and as an art, its presentation, as well as appreciation, is not unique and is not always the same.


One of the points to take note of is overdressing/underdressing. Again, as an image, a specific design may be perfect for the occasion or it may be the worst decision you might have made that day. That is, of course, depending on your audience.

If you will be dressing for success, you might want to forget what you think is good and start thinking of what might make you look good according to your spectators. Like in a job interview, for example, you would not be present in that situation if you do not want to be accepted so dress like you mean to be hired. A suit or dress might mean the difference between a pat in the back and a promotion.


The important thing is that you know what to expect when you present yourself to a certain audience. Whatever you want as a result depends on the things you present to them, one of which is image, and it’s not an exact science. It’s art, play with it.